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In every district there are public gardens equipped with benches, fountains, playgrounds and areas expressly used for dogs.
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Air quality is monitored by ARPA (Regional Agency for the Environment). In Monza, the detection stations are located in via Machiavelli and in the Park and provide data in real time. The data are also used for the automatic activation of the anti-pollution measures (traffic blocks) in case of exceeding the risk thresholds.
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In this section are published the works related to the recovery and enhancement of the Royal Villa of Monza and the Gardens of relevance I Lotto functional – Corpo Centrale.The general project of restoration and enhancement of the monumental complex of the Villa Reale of Monza, its Gardens, provides interventions in several stages (whose timing of implementation depends on the finding of necessary sources of funding).

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New Parks, clean and close to the sea, dogs welcome. Excellent price including sun loungers and umbrellas. Free use of bicycles.

Freddy Knight

Camilla, graduated in Environmental, Land Planning and Urban Planning at the Polytechnic of Turin, an eclectic metropolitan cyclist,

Alison Crowe

Actions at the individual, company, and national levels are essential. But the fact is that climate change is a global problem, therefore it requires a global solution.

morin nancy

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The Anatomy of Tight Access Excavation

Exaction makes a significant part of construction projects. The major limitation of any construction is space. But that should not hinder any development, provided there is enough space for the project. Typically, an access route is the major limitation to an excavation site. Modern technology allows for tight access excavation.

Limitation of space makes access to an excavation area limited. This type of excavation is what is called limited access excavation. The most common area where it is carried out is in densely populated areas, where homeowners try to make the most out of the available space.

Instances that necessitate tight access excavation

What is tight access excavation?

Common knowledge says that the population is increasing exponentially worldwide. Thus, space is reducing. Making use of the available space remains the only feasible option for building homes. Many situations can make one carry out this kind of excavation. Some of them include:

  • Backyard excavations: accessing the backyard is not easy, especially in areas with numerous settlements. There is a considerable risk of destroying any structures along the passage of the excavators. While many people might recommend the usage of smaller excavators, there is also the need for excellent skills.
  • Levelling: levelling the ground requires skills. For instance, you might be needed to level land in an area where construction is ongoing. The risk is that the excavator might cause damage to the walls, or destroy that wall altogether. The underlying reason for such uncertainty is the lack of enough space or the excavators to move around.
  • Demolitions: many reasons may warrant a demolition, among them dilapidated structures and the need to erect a modern structure. But how do you safely demolish a structure that is located amid other structures? Skills and the right tools. Remember, while demolishing such structures, neighbouring structures must not be destroyed lest you might attract lawsuits.

Tricks to carry out tight access excavation safely

Safety must come first while excavating in a tight space. For a fact, you need to retain the integrity of the neighbouring walls. The following tips are essential:

The right set of tools

When there is a limitation of space, you need to use small tools. For instance, you can employ the use of mini excavators. These small-sized excavators can easily manoeuvre within the given space, to do the type of work required.

In cases where space is even smaller, you can use a variety of rock breaking, demolishing, and re-shaping equipment.

Skills of the operators

In case you hire an operator, consider their skills. In tight spaces, you need a person who can operate the excavators or diggers skilfully. Put in mind that the integrity of the remaining walls is a practical consideration.

Also, some areas have rugged terrain or are sloppy. Levelling such areas need a person with considerable experience. This minimises the chances of damaging the surrounding structures and walls.

Surrounding structures

The proximity of surrounding structures determines the success of your job. When structures are very close to the excavation or demolition site, it makes it a bit challenging. Here, the right set of tools must be chosen to avoid unintended damage. For instance, you might consider using re-shaping equipment or demolition equipment.

It is vital to note that leaving the surrounding structures untouched, especially the walls, comes with numerous benefits. It can help reduce erosion of the site and stabilising the soil.






Sunshine Coast Surveyors

Surveyors are professionals who mark precise measurements that are useful when determining boundary lines. There are subcategories of surveyors, for example, land surveyors, quantity surveyors, mining surveyors, etc. Their work involves both office work and fieldwork. Most of the working hours for a surveyor are spent in the field, the little time you will find a surveyor in an office is when they are converting findings and figures collected from the field into maps and documentation in general. Their duties entail exposure to harsh weather conditions and extreme walking distances over rugged terrains, and this calls for surveyors to have physical body fitness all the time. While in the field, they should be psychologically prepared for diverse weather conditions.


How to be a surveyor

Before you become a surveyor, you need to have attained a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognised institution and obtain an operations license from the relevant government agencies and legal documentation to certify your survey services to the public. It is not too late to be a surveyor because right now, the demand for surveyors is rising, and it is expected to increase by six percent over the next few years. This is because the need for surveyors is ever-increasing attributed to the large subdivision of lands, buildings, and constructions that are increasing every year and sprout up of large surveying institutions that need manpower and efficient workforce to carry out their day to day surveying operations. The typical roles of a surveyor are to certify boundaries, draw and document new boundaries, certify buildings and construction sites, review resources necessary for megaprojects among other roles.

Tools and equipment/instruments used by a surveyor.

Surveyors must be familiar with survey tools, instruments, and equipment to be successful. The following categories are some inevitable instruments and equipment for surveyors.



These include mag nails, flagging tapes, marking paints, field books, pencils, field workbooks just to mention but a few consumable items that make the work of a surveyor easy, effective and efficient.


Mining, tunneling, monitoring, and rail

These are instruments like prisms, monitoring tools, and rail adaptors that are useful to both mining surveyors and building & construction surveyors.


Surveying equipment

These include surveying equipment and instruments like tripods, prism systems, tribrachs, and adaptors, among others.


Measuring instruments

These are instruments used for measuring purposes, like pocket tapes, tape measures, folding rulers, measuring wheels, square rulers, laser measuring, among others.

Radio, batteries, and accessories

These are instruments and tools used by surveyors in between some distance apart. They are normally used for communication purposes; they include the following; radios, speakers, microphones, and instrument batteries like AA, AAA, etc.


Hand tools

Hand tools include picks, bobs, hammers, machetes, sled hammers, pangas, knives, scalpels, etc. These are the tools used for cutting, separating, and fixing objects in place.


Bags, backpacks, and cases

These include soft cases and hard cases, backpacks, carrier bags, and bags used to carry around instruments and tools of surveying trade.


Safety vests and apparels

These are safety measures wearables like Hi-Vis vests, pants, t-shirts, hats, jackets, and helmets. They act as protective while others are for clear visibility on the site to avoid being run over by drivable machinery.



These are the instruments used to measure levels on the site like auto levels, digital levels, laser levels, and hand levels.


Cables and protective sprays

Data cables, antenna, power cables used for connectivity. The protective spray is spray used to chase away dangerous animals and insects, like snakes and bees.


If you need surveying work to be accomplished, book in local Sunshine Coast surveyors who are guaranteed to expertly perform the job.



Identifying the White Smoke from Car

You’ve probably been told that seeing white smoke coming out from your exhaust pipe is cause for worry. Before you go to panic mode, take a deep breath and see if the white smoke from the car clears up after a minute. It is only a simple condensation when the white smoke disappears after a minute or two. The white smoke is just the engine’s hot air mixing with the cold air.

However, seeing white smoke from the car all the time is cause for worry. The problem can be simple or serious.

Nothing to worry about and bad to worst car problems are manifested by seeing white smoke coming from the car all the time.


Condensation issues

Colder climates will commonly cause condensation and white smoke to happen at startup. There’s nothing to worry about when the white smoke is thin and vapour-like that quickly dissipates after a minute or two.

ECU issues

The ECU or the engine control unit is considered the “brain” of the car. The timing of the combustion can get out of whack when there’s something wrong with it. A trained technician can reprogram the ECU if this is the culprit producing the endless white smoke. Not having to replace any car parts seems to be the good news if the ECU is the cause for the white smoke. That is unless replacing the ECU is the only solution.


Fuel Injector Issues

Fuel is sent into the internal combustion chamber by the fuel injector. The engine will get out of timing if the sending of the fuel is not timed right. White smoke will also happen when the chamber does not get the right amount of fuel during combustion. Diesel engine cars usually show this problem. The problem clears up when the fuel injector is replaced. The happy news is the inexpensive price and easy replacement of fuel injectors.


Valve seal or piston ring issues

Engine oil is prevented from entering the combustion chamber with the help of the seals found around the piston valves and rings. White smoke happens when something goes bad with the seals. Damaged valve seal or piston rings allowing the engine oil to burn along with the fuel emits white smoke. A top overhaul is needed to replace the seals. The intensive work needed means being saddled with an expensive mechanic bill.

Cylinder head issues

The worst-case cause for the white smoke is a car having cylinder head issues. White smoke caused by a damaged cylinder head means immediate replacement of the entire head. The coolant starts to leak internally when the car’s cylinder head gets damaged or cracked.

Only a tiny crack in the coolant can cause it to leak, mix, and contaminate the engine oil. The white smoke coming from your exhaust pipe is caused by contaminated oil. Another tell-tale sign for contaminated engine oil is the sweet odour accompanying the white smoke.

Low levels of the cooling system and coolant level will make the engine overheat. An overheated engine will also cause the failure of the head gasket. The internal components of the car’s engine wear out at a faster rate.

There are few reasons to cause white smoke from the exhaust pipe of the car at startup. Only one of the reasons is fairly common and completely harmless. After identifying white smoke from car, the only way to make sure is to seek help from a professional mechanic.


Four Wheel Drive Accessories

When your four-wheel drive has all the required accessories, you will experience its optimal efficiency, functionality, and enjoyment. The accessories that are in your four-wheel drive ensure that there is increased performance in your four-wheel drive. Although your four-wheel drive must have the necessary accessories, some four-wheel-drive accessories can be exempted. The following are four wheel drive accessories by UV4x4 that you should never lack in your four-wheel drive:



There are different types of tyres ranging from all-season tyres to seasonal tyres. When you are travelling with your four-wheel drive, it is essential for you to have the two types of tyres or even all-season tyres alone so that in case your four-wheel drive requires a new tyre you cannot have any challenge in finding one. You can also buy other four-wheel drive accessories that go hand in hand with the tyres as you purchase your tyres. These four-wheel-drive accessories include the mud flaps.


Brakes and rotors

Whenever you want to have a trip or journey with your four-wheel drive, you need to guarantee your safety. There four-wheel-drive accessories that ensure your safety and are essential accessories that you should never lack in your four-wheel drive. Such four-wheel-drive accessories include the brakes and rotors. The brakes and rotors prevent you from any mishaps that can occur unintended. Brakes are vital in ensuring that you can have a sudden stop anytime you want. Rotors play a significant role in helping the driver to maneuver the vehicle more easily. To ensure that the brakes and rotors function correctly, it is essential for you to buy steering.


Cooling systems

The temperature in your four-wheel drive is also an essential thing that should be maintained at every time. When it is scorching, the temperature should be cooled using the cooling systems in the four-wheel drive. Cooling systems helps in reducing the chances of overheating while you are in the four-wheel drive. They also prevent your four-wheel drive from overheating and hence making it last longer. Cooling systems can be of different types. The most common cooling systems for a four-wheel-drive are the cooling fans, water pumps, radiator caps, coolant hoses, and coolant tanks.

A backup battery

When you are touring with your four-wheel drive, you will require four-wheel-drive accessories like a backup battery. This is because there will come a time when your four-wheel drive will stop getting enough current and you will need to start the engine. This is why a backup battery is an essential four-wheel-drive accessory that you should never go without for a trip.


Tyre pressure monitor

In most countries, you are demanded to carry your tyre pressure monitor any time you are driving your four-wheel drive without considering the distance you are travelling. It is an essential four-wheel-drive accessory since it will always help you know anytime your tire is leaking. This gives you enough time to repair the tyre even before it begins to leak. To ensure that the tyres of your four-wheel drive do not drop the amount of pressure on them for a long time, you must pack your tyre monitor when you are parking other four-wheel drive accessories. This will also help you reduce the chances of having an accident with your four-wheel drive.



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