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In every district there are public gardens equipped with benches, fountains, playgrounds and areas expressly used for dogs.
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Air quality is monitored by ARPA (Regional Agency for the Environment). In Monza, the detection stations are located in via Machiavelli and in the Park and provide data in real time. The data are also used for the automatic activation of the anti-pollution measures (traffic blocks) in case of exceeding the risk thresholds.
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In this section are published the works related to the recovery and enhancement of the Royal Villa of Monza and the Gardens of relevance I Lotto functional – Corpo Centrale.The general project of restoration and enhancement of the monumental complex of the Villa Reale of Monza, its Gardens, provides interventions in several stages (whose timing of implementation depends on the finding of necessary sources of funding).

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New Parks, clean and close to the sea, dogs welcome. Excellent price including sun loungers and umbrellas. Free use of bicycles.

Freddy Knight

Camilla, graduated in Environmental, Land Planning and Urban Planning at the Polytechnic of Turin, an eclectic metropolitan cyclist,

Alison Crowe

Actions at the individual, company, and national levels are essential. But the fact is that climate change is a global problem, therefore it requires a global solution.

morin nancy

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Structures that can benefit from Aluminium Canopies

Any business considers aluminium canopies one of its valuable assets. However, certain companies that benefit more from installing aluminium canopies.

Aluminium canopies provide a host of benefits to an outdoor area of any business. It can protect clients, increase floor space, draw in new business, and provide much-needed shade.


The following businesses can gain multiple benefits with the use of aluminium canopies:


Restaurants and storefronts

A sunshade installed in a business needing storefront displays gains a host of benefits. Stores with huge windows that continually let in the sun can cause damage and fade to artwork and furniture. The smartest way to cool the store’s interior is to install an aluminium canopy.

The shade structure provided by aluminium canopies also benefits businesses such as cafes, bars, and restaurants. The cool, sheltered, and welcoming outdoor dining space not only look inviting, but it increases all usable space as well. The sight and smell of the varied food offerings become irresistible to new clients with the additional shaded area provided.


Drive-throughs and loading docks

A business that continually uses a loading dock to receive or send products can make the loading and unloading quick and easy with the help of an aluminium canopy. Installing an aluminium canopy can also protect your employees from weather conditions such as the hot sun, snow or rain as they work.

Customised aluminium canopies allow maximum coverage with heights that accommodates trucks to park underneath. Drive-through businesses also need the invaluable benefit provided by aluminium canopies. Having one installed allows customers to stop underneath as they order food.


Educational facilities such as libraries and schools

Educational facilities have seen the invaluable service provided by aluminium canopies. An outdoor space is instantly created for visitors and students to gather and keep cool by the shade provided by aluminium canopies. It can also be utilised to provide sunshades over playgrounds, near the entrance of buildings, and over tables.

Schools that primarily cater to children especially need aluminium canopies. Using the canopies provide shelter for kids to play, eat their lunch or wait for their transportation in all kinds of weather conditions.


Residential buildings

Aluminium canopies are often installed over entrances of big residential complexes, apartments, dormitories, and condominiums. The installation of aluminium canopies to these structures not only give shelter and shade but also forge a brand to the buildings as well. Often, aluminium canopies installed over the entrances of these types of structures are embossed with a particular name or brand. Doing this has served as an attraction to prospective clients.

Apartment buildings having canopied entrances provide good shade and shelter for guests as they wait for the apartment-dweller to allow them inside the building.


Residential homes

An outdoor space is instantly created by installing an aluminium canopy over the garage or front entrance of a home. The extra space is not the only benefit gained, but a serious curb appeal is also provided for a home.


The varied colours and sizes available with aluminium canopies make them a versatile and valuable asset for businesses and homes to have. Homes and commercial buildings instantly gain added value, extra space, and curb appeal with the installation of aluminium canopies.



Commercial Fit Outs Melbourne- Tips for choosing the right office fit out

For those looking for commercial fit outs in Melbourne, it’s important to keep certain things in mind. The key is to make an informed decision based on observing and reaching about different kind of fit outs. If you are planning to design a new office, it requires detail and attention. Keep the following things in mind when selecting an office fit out.


Keep the employees in mind

In order to ensure employee productivity it is important that the office fit out should be aimed at improving the morale of the employees. The space should be optimized in such a way that there is ample space for movement. The design should be such that it promotes people to discuss ideas without having to move a great deal. Also ergonomic furniture is the next big thing for improving the work performance. Make sure you talk to a professional fit out service about their stock of ergonomic furniture.


Consider the available space

Knowing about the dimensions of the office space is necessary. Make sure you choose furniture which would improve productive work environment. Choose furniture which is compact if you are pressed for space. There are furniture stores which cater to certain demands for smaller pieces of furniture. If space is not an issue you have the freedom to go for larger fit outs which can add a classy look to your office space.

Choosing functional designs

Make sure you look into ergonomic furniture. Chairs which can adjust in height and tilt in a specific direction when required are easy on the back. Plus comfort brings better productivity. It also helps boot employee morale. A workplace with happy employees is a more enthusiastic space. Commercial fit outs in Melbourne by Avenue Interior Systems are designed to integrate work function and comfort to make your employees more productive.

Choose furniture which is durable

It should be kept in mind that furniture which is durable is going to last for a long time. No amount of wear and tear can affect its quality. Since office furniture is used from nine to five and often beyond that as well, it’s important that there should be no compromise on quality. Choose work stations which are durable and simple to use. Complicated designs can often add to the confusion. Choose a station which allows ample leg space and enough desk room so the area doesn’t appear cluttered.

Also choose furniture which can be relied on for it safety. Furniture should be durable but it shouldn’t catch fire quickly either. Also glass topped furniture should be voided in an office space. It’s necessary to go for furniture which is functional yet is strong enough to withstand an office environment.


Aesthetically enhancing

It is important that the furniture should be easy on the eye. It not only helps the way an office looks but creates a great first impression a well. Clients when they walk into a well-furnished office space are awed when the furniture is classy. It creates a sense of reliance. A place which is well decorated spells out the effort which a company has made.

Keeping all the above mentioned things in mind would help you select the right commercial fit out in Melbourne.


Benefits of practising regular maintenance on your car air con in Gold Coast

Have you ever wondered whether your car could still function as required when the air-con has failed? Do you think that you would never enjoy a journey in a car that has a failed air-con? When was the last time you checked your car aircon?

The car aircon is one of the most important things that you should always ensure that it is working as expected all the time. This is because you will always love to breathe the fresh air that has been cooled by the car aircon and especially when the weather is very hot. For this reason, you should ensure that you practice regular maintenance practices to your car air-con to ensure that it has no problems at all. This is one of the things that most of the car owners are advised to do even in the Gold Coast.

The car aircon plays so many roles in your car, and hence there is a need that you maintain it. There are several maintenance practices that you can use to ensure that your car air con is working properly. However, as the owner of the car, you are the one who will take pride in the work that you have done in maintaining the car aircon.

Regular maintenance on your car air con is very easy, but most of the people in the Gold Coast forget it’s worth. However, when you maintain the car air-con, you will enjoy so many benefits from it. The following are the benefits of practising regular maintenance on your car air con in Gold Coast:

1. It reduces repair costs.

When you ensure that you have practised regular maintenance on your car air con in Gold Coast, you will be in a position to locate any parts of the aircon that requires repairs at an early stage. For this reason, the repairs will be done before the issue has become big. However, if no maintenance is done, it is very hard to know where there are repairs needed until the car aircon fails.  By fixing the issues when they are small, you are reducing the repair costs that would have been used to repair the car aircon that has failed or replace it.

2. It increases the efficiency of the car aircon.

When you maintain your car air con regularly, you will be in a position to ensure that it works as required. For this reason, you will be increasing the efficiency of the car aircon. This is also another benefit of regular maintenance on the car aircon.

3. It improves the quality of the air in the car.

The other benefit of maintaining your car aircon is that it improves the quality of the air in the car. The efficiency of the car aircon determines the quality of air in the car. For this reason, when the air-con works efficiently, then the quality of air will improve as a result of regular maintenance practices.

4. It increases the lifespan of the car aircon.

Some so many people keep on replacing their car aircon without knowing the reason. However, one of the reasons is because they do not carry out regular maintenance practices to the car aircon. These practices ensure that if there are any repairs, they are done and thereby, the air con will work perfectly. This, therefore, increases the lifespan of the car aircon.

GC Mobile Auto Electrcian 2 U are car air specialists who can help keep your car aircon in top shape and extend it’s service life.

Facts on steel fabrication

Steel fabrication is a process where steel as raw material is used for designing a variety of products. Since steel is well known for its noncorrosive properties, it’s one of the most widely used material in industrial processes. It can be used for designing different kind of equipment. From simple kitchen equipment to the more complex aeronautical equipment and a great deal more in between.

The following are a few interesting facts on steel fabrication:

  • The steel fabrication industry can be divided into different types based on the kind of steel which is used for designing a variety of products. For example, whether the industry uses austenitic steel or super-austenitic steel. There are other varieties like duplex steel and martensitic steel etc.
  • The price of all the above mentioned steel might differ a great deal. Plus each of these have their own properties which allow them to be used or specific purposes. For example martensitic steel is magnetic in nature and also extremely strong and resilient. On the other hand ferritin steel has a lower amount of chromium ad nickel and is therefore less expensive than other kind of steel available in the market. The gods which are designed from each of these vary in design and price.
  • The steel fabrication industry can be divided into different categories. These would include energy, architecture, infrastructure, health care etc. on the other hand stainless steel is also used for transportation purposes as well.
  • The whole fabrication process comprises of various steps. It would involve the process of cutting, burning, welding and machining the steel to design it in different ways. The process takes place with cutting down sheets of stainless steel into different shapes and structures. The sheets are ten assembled to form different products.

Choosing the right steel fabrication service

  • Make sure that the company you choose has enough experience in fabricating steel. Make sure you take a look at some of the products which they have designed. Also check for reviews left by previous clients. Rose Valley Steel Works are specialists in fabrication steel that you could consider in your project.
  • What is their design capability? Can they ensure that the end product is somewhat similar to the design concept that you have in mind. It is important that the company is able to come up with the right kind of product.
  • They should only use quality steel for the fabrication process. When it comes to quality it is necessary to not make any compromises. Even if it mean having to pay a little less.
  • Consistency in work is also important. It is important that they deliver high quality products on a consistent basis. A good and reputable company would ensure that they do so without fail.
  • Also get to know if they have the production capability for designing the number of products that you have in mind. From the process of welding to the process of storing your products, the company should have the right kind of infrastructure.

So the next time you are looking for fabrication steel services, make sure to keep the above mentioned things in mind.

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”