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In every district there are public gardens equipped with benches, fountains, playgrounds and areas expressly used for dogs.
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Air quality is monitored by ARPA (Regional Agency for the Environment). In Monza, the detection stations are located in via Machiavelli and in the Park and provide data in real time. The data are also used for the automatic activation of the anti-pollution measures (traffic blocks) in case of exceeding the risk thresholds.
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In this section are published the works related to the recovery and enhancement of the Royal Villa of Monza and the Gardens of relevance I Lotto functional – Corpo Centrale.The general project of restoration and enhancement of the monumental complex of the Villa Reale of Monza, its Gardens, provides interventions in several stages (whose timing of implementation depends on the finding of necessary sources of funding).

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New Parks, clean and close to the sea, dogs welcome. Excellent price including sun loungers and umbrellas. Free use of bicycles.

Freddy Knight

Camilla, graduated in Environmental, Land Planning and Urban Planning at the Polytechnic of Turin, an eclectic metropolitan cyclist,

Alison Crowe

Actions at the individual, company, and national levels are essential. But the fact is that climate change is a global problem, therefore it requires a global solution.

morin nancy

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Auto Electrician

Many countries are betting heavily on boosting green technologies such as electricity instead of the commonly used fossil fuels. In this sense, the electric vehicle is presented as a great opportunity yet to be exploited, but that is progressing little by little.

Strathpine and technologies

Australia wants to be a participant in this type of technology, and for this reason, they have devised a very interesting proposal that will turn help to promote the purchase of this class of vehicles. In recent years Australia has taken a step forward concerning the innovation of electric cars in the country, a few years ago an electric vehicle was built that exceeds 100k / h in 2016 and since 2014 has increased the acquisition of these type of cars. These vehicles are an unstoppable trend, so much so that the EU has ended the era of fossil fuels in Europe in the year 2050.  The top auto electricians in Strathpine are well equipped to deal with the latest technologies.

Likewise, Australia had an exciting initiative to promote the purchase of these vehicles with the construction of the longest electric highway in the world, already called “The Super Electric Highway.” This will have free petrol stations every couple of kilometres along more than 1600 km, making it possible to travel along the Queensland coast with an electric car without having to worry about being stranded on the road or price made out of fuel.

The auto electrician Revolution

In addition to all this, the highway will not have tolls, all this with the aim of promoting an ecological change of part of the transport. Other related initiatives are added to this initiative, such as the one carried out by the Government of Canada with its electric highway over 7,000 kilometres in length. Although there is a lot of good news about electric cars for the residents of Australia they continue to opt for gas-based cars, for this reason, a company based in Sydney to be able to eliminate one of the main annoyances of these cars looks for Australians only take 15 minutes to recharge their electric cars for long distance trips. This same company is looking to implant 21 stations on the main interstate highways that seek to reduce the hours it currently takes to charge a standard electric vehicle.

Future vehicles

Thanks to all this, the big Australian power companies think that Australia could be the biggest seller of electric vehicles thanks to solar energy. With the right policy and incentives, Australia could benefit from the absorption of renewable energy for the closure of the most polluting power plants. More than a quarter of Australian homes are equipped with solar roofs, and this seen as the likely first market for storage batteries.

This arises from the high penetration of solar technology given in homes and the high cost of electricity in the country. The historical evidence suggests that many of the precursors of electric vehicles already recharge their vehicles thanks to their own solar energy generated by themselves; on their keyboards and their different way of getting it.

Undoubtedly, as we move forward, electric vehicles would contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the transport sector that does not have vehicle emission standards, but that is estimated to be around 20% of Australian greenhouse gas emissions and which are in turn increasing strongly.

3 Household Services You Didn’t Know Existed in Melbourne

melbourne services

When we think about maintenance of our houses, we often forget the little details. There are all kinds of places in our homes that are left without cleaning or maintenance because we don’t think about them at the time of cleaning. Guess what, there are so many services right here in Melbourne to take care of your maintenance issues without causing you trouble.

Here are the best three services you definitely didn’t know existed in your state but needed them:

1. Aquarium cleaning services


It is surprising that the aquariums you keep in your residential or commercial areas can be taken care of professionally. Instead of wasting time on cleaning something you are unaware of, you can take help of the professionals who can take care of the cleaning and maintaining the aquarium for you.

Pond cleaning Melbourne is one of the most common services which will help you obtain aquarium services without having to spend time on something you are unaware of.

2. Laundry Maintenance Services

While you may not have the time or money for professional laundry services, you can always have them taken care of at your own house. Instead of heading out with a bundle of clothes, you can simply call someone from the service providers and have them take care of your laundry at home. You will realize how important it is to get the laundry done at your house.

It not only saves money and time, but gives you the opportunity to complete other chores. A professional can simply come in to your house, handle the machine, the clothes and the detergent with professionalism and get the laundry done in less than an hour. You will be able to enjoy having a good time without worrying about how your clothes will be treated and taken care of because you know they are in the right hands.

3. Professional Dish washing Services

If you’re wondering who will take care of all the hundreds of dishes you have lying in the kitchen sink without an automatic dish washing, this is what you need. Whether you’ve had a party or a simply big family dinner on the weekend, this is what you need to get to ensure you are not going crazy taking care of all the dishes in the house.

You will experience nothing but the best professional dish washing and cleaning in very affordable rates. You will also have fun taking care of other things and ensuring all the leftovers are managed and packed while someone takes care of your dirty dishes. There is no other rest better than the one you can get from here when you are not burdened with the extra things on your mind.

What is an excellent work environment?

Your organization can be an excellent work environment and achieve even better results.

Business leaders – and researchers – rely on the measurement model of Great Place to Work ® to establish an objective standard of excellent work environment. The annual Great Place to Work studies are based on data from over 10 million employees in 50 countries, representing around 6,000 organizations of different sizes, sectors and structures.

What is an excellent work environment? The Collaborator’s vision

Excellent work environments are the result of daily relationships with employees and managers – not just a list of programs and benefits.

The key factor common to these relationships is TRUST. From the point of view of the Collaborators, an excellent work environment is where:

  • They trust the people they work for;
  • They are PROUD of what they do; is
  • YOU DID WITH the people you work with.

Trust is the cardinal principle of excellent work environments. It derives from the credibility of management, from the respect recognized to employees and the extent to which they believe they receive fair treatment . The degree of pride in the organization, the level of sincerity of the bonds and the camaraderie between employees are further fundamental elements.

What is an excellent work environment? The vision of the Manager

From the manager’s point of view, an excellent work environment is where:

  • thanks to people who MAKE YOUR OWN BEST ; is

There are nine steps – nine macro areas of management practices – through which managers create an environment of trust. Excellent work environments achieve company objectives through the dissemination of vision and values, communication and listening. They have collaborators who offer their best through recognition, growth and care practices. And they work together as a team / family through the practices of inclusion and reception, celebration of successes and sharing of profits.

This Model – confirmed by Great Place to Work   in over 25 years of research conducted by interviewing collaborators, is universal and coherent over the years, because it has been the same throughout the world since its inception. It applies not only to business contexts, but to all organizations, in the most varied sectors and of different sizes.

How can trust be measured?

We analyze the TRUST index through two lenses. We evaluate the culture of the organization through the answers provided by the collaborators themselves with a survey addressed to the collaborators, the TRUST INDEX © survey , which is modeled on five dimensions identified through the employees’ perception of an excellent work environment. And we look at the work environment through the CULTURE AUDIT © , organized through the nine macro areas of management practices for the definition of an excellent work environment.

This survey measures precisely the behaviors and the context that constitute the foundations of the most coveted working environments and successful organizations.

Corporate executives, scholars, and media rely on the Great Place to Work metrics   to establish an objective standard of excellent work environment. These metrics – from the Trust Index to the Culture Audit – form the methodological basis adopted by Great Place to Work in helping companies transform themselves into excellent work environments.

Negative workplace environment: how to make it less toxic

The work environment is done by colleagues , the office , the company and your superiors. Basically everything is around you every day. If it is a positive place , full of nice people with whom you go out in the evening and have fun, work will not be so heavy. Instead, if the work environment is negative , get up every morning to get to the office and spend about 8 hours inside, it becomes a real nightmare . Here are some tips to make a negative work environment less toxic .

How to make the work environment less negative

First you  work on yourself . When you go to a fixed job of the goals to be achieved alone during the day. They will be your daily challenge and if you manage to cross the finish line, in the evening you will feel much more satisfied. This personal competition  helps to distract yourself from the work environment in which you are immersed.

If instead of thinking only of yourself you are not really capable, a suggestion to make the work environment more positive and pleasant is certainly not to forget irony and humor . A funny joke about an event you’ve had with a colleague can be the right way to start a healthier and more enjoyable work relationship.

Another suggestion to make the work environment less toxic is to try and organize something in the office.  Whether it is an aperitif, a moment of leisure, a special lunch break: everything can become functional to establish links, create new relationships and make the office a pleasant and healthy place to stay every day. An important advice is then to do some sports tournaments together: it is great for team building, but also for establishing healthy relationships between colleagues.

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”