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Many countries are betting heavily on boosting green technologies such as electricity instead of the commonly used fossil fuels. In this sense, the electric vehicle is presented as a great opportunity yet to be exploited, but that is progressing little by little.

Strathpine and technologies

Australia wants to be a participant in this type of technology, and for this reason, they have devised a very interesting proposal that will turn help to promote the purchase of this class of vehicles. In recent years Australia has taken a step forward concerning the innovation of electric cars in the country, a few years ago an electric vehicle was built that exceeds 100k / h in 2016 and since 2014 has increased the acquisition of these type of cars. These vehicles are an unstoppable trend, so much so that the EU has ended the era of fossil fuels in Europe in the year 2050.  The top auto electricians in Strathpine are well equipped to deal with the latest technologies.

Likewise, Australia had an exciting initiative to promote the purchase of these vehicles with the construction of the longest electric highway in the world, already called “The Super Electric Highway.” This will have free petrol stations every couple of kilometres along more than 1600 km, making it possible to travel along the Queensland coast with an electric car without having to worry about being stranded on the road or price made out of fuel.

The auto electrician Revolution

In addition to all this, the highway will not have tolls, all this with the aim of promoting an ecological change of part of the transport. Other related initiatives are added to this initiative, such as the one carried out by the Government of Canada with its electric highway over 7,000 kilometres in length. Although there is a lot of good news about electric cars for the residents of Australia they continue to opt for gas-based cars, for this reason, a company based in Sydney to be able to eliminate one of the main annoyances of these cars looks for Australians only take 15 minutes to recharge their electric cars for long distance trips. This same company is looking to implant 21 stations on the main interstate highways that seek to reduce the hours it currently takes to charge a standard electric vehicle.

Future vehicles

Thanks to all this, the big Australian power companies think that Australia could be the biggest seller of electric vehicles thanks to solar energy. With the right policy and incentives, Australia could benefit from the absorption of renewable energy for the closure of the most polluting power plants. More than a quarter of Australian homes are equipped with solar roofs, and this seen as the likely first market for storage batteries.

This arises from the high penetration of solar technology given in homes and the high cost of electricity in the country. The historical evidence suggests that many of the precursors of electric vehicles already recharge their vehicles thanks to their own solar energy generated by themselves; on their keyboards and their different way of getting it.

Undoubtedly, as we move forward, electric vehicles would contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the transport sector that does not have vehicle emission standards, but that is estimated to be around 20% of Australian greenhouse gas emissions and which are in turn increasing strongly.

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