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Negative workplace environment: how to make it less toxic

The work environment is done by colleagues , the office , the company and your superiors. Basically everything is around you every day. If it is a positive place , full of nice people with whom you go out in the evening and have fun, work will not be so heavy. Instead, if the work environment is negative , get up every morning to get to the office and spend about 8 hours inside, it becomes a real nightmare . Here are some tips to make a negative work environment less toxic .

How to make the work environment less negative

First you  work on yourself . When you go to a fixed job of the goals to be achieved alone during the day. They will be your daily challenge and if you manage to cross the finish line, in the evening you will feel much more satisfied. This personal competition  helps to distract yourself from the work environment in which you are immersed.

If instead of thinking only of yourself you are not really capable, a suggestion to make the work environment more positive and pleasant is certainly not to forget irony and humor . A funny joke about an event you’ve had with a colleague can be the right way to start a healthier and more enjoyable work relationship.

Another suggestion to make the work environment less toxic is to try and organize something in the office.  Whether it is an aperitif, a moment of leisure, a special lunch break: everything can become functional to establish links, create new relationships and make the office a pleasant and healthy place to stay every day. An important advice is then to do some sports tournaments together: it is great for team building, but also for establishing healthy relationships between colleagues.

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