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Office furniture Brisbane

Corporate office or home office; both require furnishing with elegant furniture and fixtures and everything else it needs for it to qualify to be an office. You might require someone or supplier who will deliver and install the necessary furniture into your office before settling in cost-effective terms. If it is a corporate set up, you have to source for executive furniture from furniture suppliers still with a cost-effective term. Office furniture from Corporate Interiors will in one way or another add good looks to the office as well as display a sense of professionalism on the side of officeholders.


Office furniture

Office desks and executive desks

An office desk is the main furniture found in an office, any typical office either home or commercial office should have an office desk or executive desk. An office desk is for ordinary middle level to low-class level offices. While executive office desks are the most expensive and best designed to give an executive look to an office. Examples of places to find executive desks include presidential offices, ministry, and departmental offices for executive government officials CEOs offices and parastatal offices for top-level managers. As for ordinary officeholders like senior government employees may use common office desks to provide a surface for them to work on. The main functions of office desks or executive desks include: writing on, making calls on, serving clients on, placing desktops or laptops on among others.


Office chairs and executive chairs

Wherever there is an office desk, there is an office chair, and wherever there is an executive chair you will not miss an executive chair, a few instances you will find this useful furniture not going hand in hand. As usual, executive chairs are the most expensive while the other one is relatively cheap compared to each other. They both have high backs and comfortable upholstery, the difference is the many features the executive one has, for example, the executive one is highly adjustable to contain the person sitting on it no matter the height size. They both have wheels for easy mobility around the office desk and to the surroundings.


Client or guest chairs

They are relatively cheap and used by clients visiting our offices. They may come in multiple and with simple and elegant designs. They may also vary according to the quality and the type of material they are made from. It is a requirement because it is almost impossible that you get seated while the client stands while you serve.


Whiteboards are used for writing on for students or listeners to have a clear view of the notes. Sometimes whiteboards are used with projectors to reflect images and data cast on to it by the projectors.


Storage cupboards

Storage cups in an office are important for keeping files and documents and other office supplies to keep them safe and easily retrievable when they are required. Files can be placed in order and labelled to ease access.


Bespoke furniture designs

These are customised furniture that will add additional functionality to an office and improve office aesthetics. They are custom designed and finished on-site by the furniture designers with the main aim to fit into the office shape.


Importance of office furniture

  • They transform the office area to look appealing
  • Brings comfort into the office for clients and office to enjoy their experience
  • They add functionality to the office, for example, provide a place to serve customers and pick calls etc.


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