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Sunshine Coast Surveyors

Surveyors are professionals who mark precise measurements that are useful when determining boundary lines. There are subcategories of surveyors, for example, land surveyors, quantity surveyors, mining surveyors, etc. Their work involves both office work and fieldwork. Most of the working hours for a surveyor are spent in the field, the little time you will find a surveyor in an office is when they are converting findings and figures collected from the field into maps and documentation in general. Their duties entail exposure to harsh weather conditions and extreme walking distances over rugged terrains, and this calls for surveyors to have physical body fitness all the time. While in the field, they should be psychologically prepared for diverse weather conditions.


How to be a surveyor

Before you become a surveyor, you need to have attained a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognised institution and obtain an operations license from the relevant government agencies and legal documentation to certify your survey services to the public. It is not too late to be a surveyor because right now, the demand for surveyors is rising, and it is expected to increase by six percent over the next few years. This is because the need for surveyors is ever-increasing attributed to the large subdivision of lands, buildings, and constructions that are increasing every year and sprout up of large surveying institutions that need manpower and efficient workforce to carry out their day to day surveying operations. The typical roles of a surveyor are to certify boundaries, draw and document new boundaries, certify buildings and construction sites, review resources necessary for megaprojects among other roles.

Tools and equipment/instruments used by a surveyor.

Surveyors must be familiar with survey tools, instruments, and equipment to be successful. The following categories are some inevitable instruments and equipment for surveyors.



These include mag nails, flagging tapes, marking paints, field books, pencils, field workbooks just to mention but a few consumable items that make the work of a surveyor easy, effective and efficient.


Mining, tunneling, monitoring, and rail

These are instruments like prisms, monitoring tools, and rail adaptors that are useful to both mining surveyors and building & construction surveyors.


Surveying equipment

These include surveying equipment and instruments like tripods, prism systems, tribrachs, and adaptors, among others.


Measuring instruments

These are instruments used for measuring purposes, like pocket tapes, tape measures, folding rulers, measuring wheels, square rulers, laser measuring, among others.

Radio, batteries, and accessories

These are instruments and tools used by surveyors in between some distance apart. They are normally used for communication purposes; they include the following; radios, speakers, microphones, and instrument batteries like AA, AAA, etc.


Hand tools

Hand tools include picks, bobs, hammers, machetes, sled hammers, pangas, knives, scalpels, etc. These are the tools used for cutting, separating, and fixing objects in place.


Bags, backpacks, and cases

These include soft cases and hard cases, backpacks, carrier bags, and bags used to carry around instruments and tools of surveying trade.


Safety vests and apparels

These are safety measures wearables like Hi-Vis vests, pants, t-shirts, hats, jackets, and helmets. They act as protective while others are for clear visibility on the site to avoid being run over by drivable machinery.



These are the instruments used to measure levels on the site like auto levels, digital levels, laser levels, and hand levels.


Cables and protective sprays

Data cables, antenna, power cables used for connectivity. The protective spray is spray used to chase away dangerous animals and insects, like snakes and bees.


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