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What is an excellent work environment?

Your organization can be an excellent work environment and achieve even better results.

Business leaders – and researchers – rely on the measurement model of Great Place to Work ® to establish an objective standard of excellent work environment. The annual Great Place to Work studies are based on data from over 10 million employees in 50 countries, representing around 6,000 organizations of different sizes, sectors and structures.

What is an excellent work environment? The Collaborator’s vision

Excellent work environments are the result of daily relationships with employees and managers – not just a list of programs and benefits.

The key factor common to these relationships is TRUST. From the point of view of the Collaborators, an excellent work environment is where:

  • They trust the people they work for;
  • They are PROUD of what they do; is
  • YOU DID WITH the people you work with.

Trust is the cardinal principle of excellent work environments. It derives from the credibility of management, from the respect recognized to employees and the extent to which they believe they receive fair treatment . The degree of pride in the organization, the level of sincerity of the bonds and the camaraderie between employees are further fundamental elements.

What is an excellent work environment? The vision of the Manager

From the manager’s point of view, an excellent work environment is where:

  • thanks to people who MAKE YOUR OWN BEST ; is

There are nine steps – nine macro areas of management practices – through which managers create an environment of trust. Excellent work environments achieve company objectives through the dissemination of vision and values, communication and listening. They have collaborators who offer their best through recognition, growth and care practices. And they work together as a team / family through the practices of inclusion and reception, celebration of successes and sharing of profits.

This Model – confirmed by Great Place to Work   in over 25 years of research conducted by interviewing collaborators, is universal and coherent over the years, because it has been the same throughout the world since its inception. It applies not only to business contexts, but to all organizations, in the most varied sectors and of different sizes.

How can trust be measured?

We analyze the TRUST index through two lenses. We evaluate the culture of the organization through the answers provided by the collaborators themselves with a survey addressed to the collaborators, the TRUST INDEX © survey , which is modeled on five dimensions identified through the employees’ perception of an excellent work environment. And we look at the work environment through the CULTURE AUDIT © , organized through the nine macro areas of management practices for the definition of an excellent work environment.

This survey measures precisely the behaviors and the context that constitute the foundations of the most coveted working environments and successful organizations.

Corporate executives, scholars, and media rely on the Great Place to Work metrics   to establish an objective standard of excellent work environment. These metrics – from the Trust Index to the Culture Audit – form the methodological basis adopted by Great Place to Work in helping companies transform themselves into excellent work environments.

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